25 Unknown Facts About Donald Trump

Hearing the name Donald Trump 10 years ago from anyone wouldn’t provoke in you feelings or thoughts that are either negative or positive about him. You would just be neutral and think „Oh, he’s just another American billionaire. There is nothing so special about Donald Trump.“ You might also think of Donald Trump while hearing his name a decade as a chief person of the show „The Apprentice.“ And that is in a nutshell everything you’d think of while hearing the name of this American billionaire.

But, now in 2016., the things are a little different. People do either hate or love this man. No one would ever in a dream expect that Donald Trump would candidate for the position of the President of the United States of America. But, it is a reality. This man doesn’t seem to have it enough and now he wants to be a president and by that to own the whole world. But, let’s face this fact – Donald Trump is just an ordinary man, no matter if he’s a billionaire, he’s ordinary but in some ways not so ordinary. Let’s find out through the following facts what is ordinary about Donald Trump and what is not so ordinary about this person.

#25 – The Parliament of the United Kingdom had an open debate on the topic whether to let Donald Trump enter the country or not

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Think about it…how influential do you have to be to be discussed about you in a parliament of a certain country? Very influential and powerful. That is the case with Donald Trump.

Just recently, the British Parliament, the most influential part of the British Govermen, has debated whether the American billionaire and 2016 American presidential candidate Donald Trump should be allowed to enter the United Kingdom. This debate wouldn’t be run by the British Parliament if there weren’t 250,000 British people who signed a petition for preventing Donal to enter the United Kingdom.