25 Unknown Facts about Florence Henderson

Brady Bunch’s former mom has a few surprising secrets :)

The matriarch of the ABC sitcom, The Brady Bunch, Florence Henderson breathed her last on November 24, 2016 at the age of 82 due to heart failure. Playing the role as Carol Brady, Florence easily became an epitome of ideal mother. It’s no wonder she was labeled “America’s favorite TV Mom.”

But Henderson, albeit a staple in household television, has some secrets we may not know about. Here are 25 unknown facts about her, from hardships to limelight.

1. She was born to a poor family.

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In an interview with Justin Ravitz of Vulture, Henderson recalls how she and her 9 siblings would always share rooms and beds. “Never had a room of my own or a bed of my own ever,” she recalled. She would always share bed with at least four other siblings. Also, she mentioned that they didn’t have home heater, so when winter comes, they would all cuddle together, making each other warm to survive the cold.Born to tobacco sharecropper and a housewife, she and her siblings didn’t actually had much of a choice. But, hey, they all survived.