27 Disney Jokes That Are Seriously Clever And Funny

“That one tiger from Zootopia who would treat me right.”

1. Ursula’s generosity:

Ursula's generosity:

2. Valid scepticism:

Valid scepticism:

3. The most important question:

The most important question:

4. A perfect gentleman:

A perfect gentleman:

5. Illiterate sheep:

Illiterate sheep:

6. Disappointing voyages:

Disappointing voyages:

7. An ear under scrutiny:

An ear under scrutiny:

8. Adjectives:


9. Learning to adapt:

Learning to adapt:

10. A courtroom misunderstanding:

A courtroom misunderstanding:

11. Puberty at its finest:

Puberty at its finest:

12. Plausible acceptance:

Plausible acceptance:

13. Opportunistic artists:

Opportunistic artists:

14. Heroic sacrifices:

Heroic sacrifices:

15. If mirrors were eloquent:

If mirrors were eloquent:

16. Iconic cinematography:

Iconic cinematography:

17. Fantasy thirst traps:

Fantasy thirst traps:

18. Mysterious questions:

Mysterious questions:

19. The Pokémon motto:

The Pokémon motto:

20. A modern day sequel:

A modern day sequel:

21. Hyperrealistic acting:

Hyperrealistic acting:

22. The passionate sandwich maker:

The passionate sandwich maker:

23. Disney voted Leave:

Disney voted Leave:

24. The most delicate position:

The most delicate position:

25. An overrated fork:

An overrated fork:

26. Complex themes:

Complex themes:

27. And this bitter truth:

And this bitter truth: